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Sheryl Stradling is a pioneer in the holistic health movement. She has championed a holistic lifestyle throughout her adult life. She is a Chi Gong, Reiki and breathwork and practitioner. She is a second generation master gardener as well as a certified herbalist. She has facilitated women’s spiritual and personal-growth groups, taught natural-foods nutrition and cooking, and assisted individuals in healing themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sheryl began writing journals as a young teen when she dedicated her life to God. Although she didn’t understand the depth of her commitment, she sensed it would be a life-changing journey. She taught herself to meditate and practiced self-hypnosis to gain inner peace and control over her emotions. She has continued her spiritual path throughout her adult life, studying and practicing numerous disciplines, including various therapies, personal and experiential growth seminars.

Writing, visual art and gardening have been major paths for her personal growth. She has used journals to express and work through emotions, create and use positive affirmations and develop her intuitive abilities. Visual arts of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking and a variety of crafts have provided a means to develop self-awareness and express both thought and emotion. Organic gardening expertise was fostered by her love of nature and plants which she learned from her mother.

Sheryl Stradling’s Interests

Her Interest in family history and genealogy developed after her mother’s death, when she realized they shared common interests of writing and gardening, but had never communicated about it. She delved into family history to find out more, including research on five generations in her maternal family line. She found surprising similarities, temperaments and interests. These women pursued their education and careers despite obstacles. They generously used their talents and knowledge to help others. They were all forward-thinking, positive and courageous. They developed their faith and shared their spiritual wisdom. She now reveals their knowledge and insight in her book, Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women.

Sheryl Stradling’s Spiritual Practice

A perennial student with a desire to learn and grow, Sheryl relies on self-help disciplines, experimentation and creative problem-solving to expand her thinking and heighten her awareness. Her spiritual practice includes meditation, Chi Gong, journaling and intuitive writing. She uses her creative and intuitive gifts, as well as meditation and self-hypnosis, to go deeper into spiritual realms. The knowledge she gains guides her life. She shares it to help others through writing, art, teaching, speaking and other ways as guided by spirit.

Sheryl enjoys reading, studying metaphysics, genealogy and herbal lore. She relishes being outdoors in nature where she jogs, studies plants and works in her experimental garden. She is an abstract artist and photographer, and derives her inspiration from the natural world. Her culinary expertise includes developing new recipes, baking, candy-making, formulating medicinal herbal remedies and creating fine homemade liqueurs.

Sheryl’s background includes a family of educators, writers, artists and musicians. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and is descended from Washington State pioneers. Her family has called the metro Seattle area home for over 100 years.

Education: M.A. in Humanities


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